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For B2B Entrepreneurs & Consultants:
Million Dollar Marketing &
The Ultimate Marketing Plan
Discover the Founder's Guide to Rapid Revenue Growth and 
Going from Zero to $5 Million and Beyond

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See exactly how to earn more revenue, increase profits without sacrificing your lifestyle. No hype, no gimmicks. 
  • The EBOOK (PDF & MOBI) with all the concepts, strategies and tactics you need.
  • The U.M.P. WORKSHEET that walk you through getting your marketing figured out, planned and executed on.
  • Full AUDIO recording of the book so you can listen anywhere.
Here are just a few things you'll learn in 
"Million Dollar Marketing" and "The Ultimate Marketing Plan"
  • Get clear on what strategy YOU MUST be using at YOUR stage of business - and what you can safely ignore
  • Grow your business with these 3 fundamental strategies: 1) Increase the number of customers, 2) Increase the transaction size and 3) Increase the purchasing frequency.
  • Accelerate your growth with 2 more strategies rarely talked about, often overlooked but extremely powerful for boosting revenue and profit
  • What too many Stage 1 businesses don’t invest enough in, and how you can make sure you leverage this
  • At Stage 1 of your business, there are 2 areas you must invest most of your resources in. Creating profitable sales, and ____________ (see what it is on page 20)
  • The only FOCUS you and your team should have at Stage 1 is not only SALES but delighting your first customers and then getting them to do this one thing, over and over again
  • Why "Jack of all trades, master of none" is NOT how you want people to think about your business. You want to get known for being exceptional at one thing.
  • Why you don’t need to worry about “scaling” at Stage 1 and what you MUST get right instead
  • Your customers are looking for a product that will solve a specific issue. Here’s how to develop the best version of it.
  • How to get the BEST market analysis done (no “big data”, focus groups or competitor analysis required)
  • Your most powerful method of selling is your “Optimal Selling Strategy” (see how to develop this on page 23)
  • Don’t miss the 2 core marketing principles at Stage 1. If you do, you won’t ever get enough traction for scaling.
  • How to tell if you’re marketing in the RIGHT and PROFITABLE channel for your particular Stage in business
  • Learn what Stage 2 is about, and how you need to be improving your offerings, testing what the market wants, and at least 2 more things (page 30).
  • Your Stage 2 is about building systems that scale with you. As your business grows, the weak points in your processes will become crystal clear. 
  • Why you MUST “innovate or die” for your company to compete and thrive in the marketplace
  • Why having ideas and seeing opportunities is generally a good thing but a THREAT to your company if you don’t assess them against this one key thing (page 32)
  • What “Level of Sophistication” and “Stages of Awareness” is and how you need to leverage this for maximum marketing, conversion and selling
  • Here’s what to do when prospects have reached peak awareness and your competitors are breathing down your neck (page 35)
  • What process you should follow when rolling out new products to ensure success and traction
  • Learn what “innovation” actually IS and IS NOT, so you’re not wasting time, energy on resources on the wrong things
  • How to have your team generating high-quality ideas on a regular basis (page 37)
  • Develop your “backend” for maximizing customer profits and lifetime value
  • How to setup recurring revenue streams that will cover your customer acquisition costs fast and provide predictable revenue
  • What you must do to compete in new market segments and not be slaughtered by your competition
  • The BIG SHIFT you MUST make when you’re a Stage 3 business to not lose momentum, revenue or profits
  • Why you NEED a proper management structure and creating reliable, replicable systems is a MUST (page 45)
  • What money LOVES and what you need to be REALLY good at to attract more money, faster
  • Harness the power of the “Theory of Constraints” to optimize and build scalability (page 49)
  • How to get massive “deal flow” that opens up a whole new playing field for your growth
  • DANGER: watch out for complacency, arrogance and resting on your laurels in Stage 3. It’ll be the DEATH of your company
Here's What You Get Today When You Purchase "Million Dollar Marketing & Ultimate Marketing Plan"
  • The EBOOK (PDF & MOBI) with all the concepts, strategies and tactics you need.
  • The U.M.P. WORKSHEET that walk you through getting your marketing figured out, planned and executed on.
  • Full AUDIO recording of the book so you can listen anywhere.

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